iPad Roulette

The iPad has transformed the way many people gamble online. Sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time is never that fun, but with the iPad you can play real money roulette from anywhere.

Playing roulette on a mobile device is difficult because the screen is small and you need to be able to place your bets without making mistakes. The iPad screen is huge and will allow you to easily play roulette games without having to worry about the screen fitting on your screen.

Do I Have to Install an iPad App to Play Roulette Games?

You may have noticed lots of roulette apps in the Apps Store, but if you looked at the iPad roulette games in the Apps Store you’ll notice that none of the apps allow you to play for real money. There are actually only a few online casinos that have developed iPad roulette games that players can play for real money, but since there is real money gambling the apps aren’t in the Apps Store. You need to visit one of the iPad roulette casinos above in order to begin playing real money roulette.

Once you visit one of the two iPad compatible casinos you can download the roulette game or you can access the iPad games in your Safari web browser. I like playing the games in my browser without downloading any apps to my iPad, but if you plan on playing a lot of roulette you can download the game to your iPad and that way the game is always available. If you want to install the app to your iPad you need to follow a few simple instructions so that the casino can send you an SMS with the download link.

What Roulette Games Can I Play On My iPad?


If you’re used to playing roulette in online casinos you’ll be used to having a variety of roulette games to play. Online casinos have to develop iPad games from scratch without using flash, so the game selection is still small. The only iPad roulette game you can play for real money is European roulette. European roulette only has one zero and offers slightly better odds than American odds, so it’s a good thing that the online casinos decided to develop a European roulette game first.