Mobile Major Millions + £1,000 Bonus!

Major Millions is a 3-reel progressive jackpot slots game with up to 3 winning paylines. Major Millions uses the famous Cherry, 1-Bar, 2-Bar, 3-Bar, Red Seven, Blue Seven and Major Millions special symbol and offers a massive progressive jackpot worth up to £1 million for winners.

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How to Play Major Millions on your Mobile

You can play the Major Millions progressive slot game on your iPhone or Android by tapping on the Major Millions game in the lobby.  This will take you to a new game where the 3 reels, progressive jackpot and BET/SPIN/MAX Bet buttons will be displayed.

In order to start a new game you’ll have to select how many coins to bet.  You get a choice of betting 1 – 3 coins at a time (you can adjust the wager amount), however in order to win the Major Millions £1 million progressive jackpot you’ll need to make a maximum bet of 3 coins.  The more coins that you wager in the Major Millions Slots game, the more winning paylines you can get, giving you a higher chance of winning.  If you wager one coin you can only play on the centre payline, a 2nd coin includes the top payline and a 3rd coin allows you to play on all 3 paylines.

The payout schedule for the Major Millions slots game is quite easy to understand.  The payout starts at 2:1 for 1 Cherry Symbol, 5:1 for 2 Cherry Symbols all the way up to 400:1 for 3 Red Seven symbols and the £1 million progressive jackpot for 3 Megah Million Symbols.

The way the game works is that the Megah Million symbol is wild and can substitute any other symbol in order to complete winning payouts.  If you get 1 Megah Million symbol than you get double the regular payout, 2 Megah Million symbols gives you quadruple payouts and 3 Megah Million symbols on the 3rd payline wins you the progressive jackpot (currently worth over £900,000).

For example, the regular payout for 3 1-BAR symbols is 15:1.  If you won 1-BAR, Megah Million, 1-BAR then that would be 15:1 (regular payout) multiplied by 2 = 30:1 payout.  If you won 1-BAR, Megah Million, Megah Million than that would be 15:1 multiplied by 4 = 60:1.  If you wagered £1 per spin than you would win a nice £60 payout.

If you win 3 Megah Million symbols on the 1st payline then you receive £25,000, and 3 Megah Million symbols on the 2nd payline (top) wins £50,000.  If you win more than one payline at a time than you will only receive a payout on the biggest win.

Conclusion on Major Millions Slot Game

Overall, the Major Millions slot game is fairly easy to understand and win in. The basic 3-reel design makes it good for new players (as opposed to the Tomb Raider video slots game), while the £1 million progressive jackpot (reset at a minimum amount) is a great incentive for playing it.