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Video Poker has become a very popular casino game to play over the internet. And now you can play on your mobile phone for real cash prizes and payouts.

Unlike a typical poker game which is largely based on skill and outwitting other players, video poker is a lot more of a luck based game where you play against the dealer.  The good thing about Jacks or Better (video poker) is that it’s a lot simpler than a regular texas holdem game, the payouts are much higher, and the game’s can be played faster.

For example, a typical video poker will only last 10 – 20 seconds (theoretically it could go much longer depending on how often you want to “double” in the final round).  The maximum payout for a Royal Flush is 4,000x your wager (based on betting the maximum 5 amount of coins).  If you bet £1 and then get a Royal Flush you’ll win £4,000.

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Rules of Jacks or Better (Video Poker)

The rules for Jacks or Better are very similar to a regular poker game.  Before the game starts you need to wager a certain number of coins, from 1- 5 coins at a time (you can change the denominations of these coins, although wagering more coins increases the multiplier for the payouts).

You are dealt 5 cards out of a pack of 52 and the object is to make the best hand.  The hands are ranked in the following order: Jacks or Better, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Royal Flush. The payouts at the end of the hand depend on the strength of your hand.  For example, Jacks or Better pays out 1:1, Two Pair pays out 2:1, Full House pays out 9:1 and the best hand Royal Flush pays out 800:1.

Once you’ve made your wager, you need to tap Deal which will give you 5 cards at random from the pack.  You need to click on the cards that you want to HOLD (as many as you want) and then press DRAW to randomly re-draw the remaining cards. (For example: if you are dealt 10c-Jc-Qc-Kc-4s then you would want to keep all of the cards except the 4 of spades. By replacing the 4s you give yourself a chance of getting a flush, straight or even a straight flush which is the best hand possible).

You only get one chance to Draw. Once this has happened, you get paid off depending on the strength of your hand.  You can click “Collect” to withdraw your winnings now or you can play “Double” as explained below.

Doubling – If you win in Jacks or Better than an extension of the game allows you to “Double” your payout based on whether the next card drawn is higher than the dealer’s.  If you press Double, the dealer then draws 5 cards and turns over his.  If you pick a higher card from the remaining 4 cards on the table then you get your payout doubled.  You can also Double again if you like.  If you pick a lower card then you lose your money and the game ends.

If you’ve won a payout and you are satisfied then you can click “Collect” at any time to withdraw your winnings.