Play Mermaid Millions on your Mobile + £1,000 Bonus

Mermaid Millions is a 5-reel, 15 payline, 75 coin video slots game which is very similar to the Tomb Raider video slots game.  It contains one wild symbol (Neptune) and two special bonus rounds.

The Mermaid Millions video slots game for mobile players has a jackpot worth up to 22500:1 during the Free Spins Bonus round.  If you made a maximum bet of £15 than the payout would be larger than £300,000.  The Mermaid Millions game contains a number of smaller payouts which occur more regularly, in addition to two special bonus rounds which multiply regular payouts by up to three times.

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How to Play Mermaid Millions

Mermaid Millions s played just like any regular video slots games, except there are two additional bonus rounds.

In order to start the game, you first need to select a coin amount (ranging from £0.01p up to £1) and how many coins you wish to wager during one spin (more coins equals more winning payline combinations). Once you’ve done this, just press SPIN and you’ll win or lose depending on how the symbols line up on the reels.

Mermaid Millions has a total of 11 symbols which includes 9 regular symbols (Neptune, Jewel Box, Clam, Sea Horse, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten) plus one scatter symbol (Mermaid) and one bonus symbol (Treasure Bonus).  The Neptune symbol is wild and can substitute any of the others except for the special symbols.

The regular payouts vary from 2:1 for 3×10 symbols up to 75:1 for 5×10 symbols, 500:1 for 5 Clam or Jewel Box symbols, and 7,500:1 for 5 Neptune symbols.  The multiplier for payouts increases the more winning symbols and rarer symbols appear on the payline.

Mermaid Scatter Symbol and Treasure Bonus Rounds

The Mermaid symbol is a scatter symbol which means you can win regardless of where it appears on the 5-reel slots.  If you get 3 or more Mermaid symbols scattered on the screen than you win the Free Spin Bonus Round. This gives you 10 free spins which triples the regular payout size.  For example, the regular payout for 5×10 symbols would be 500:1, so if you won this during the free spin bonus you’d receive a payout of 1500:1.  If you get 3 Mermaids on the screen during the spin bonus round then another 10 free spins are added.

In addition, two or more Mermaid symbols on the screen during regular play will give you bonus payouts on top of your regular payouts.  Two Mermaid symbols pays out 2:1, three symbols pays 4:1, four symbols pays out 50:1 and 5 symbols pays out 500:1 on top of your regular payout.

The Treasure Bonus symbol activates a special Treasure Bonus round game.  You need to get 3 Treasure Bonus symbols or more on a winning payline, next to each other, and the there needs to be a Treasure Bonus symbol on the 1st reel too.  This then takes you to a special bonus round where there are 12 symbols to choose from.  Behind each symbol is a special bonus with payouts worth 36 – 2,500:1.  If you won 3 Treasure Bonus symbols then you can select 3 objects, if you won 4 Treasure Bonus symbols you can select 4 objects.  All bonus wins are multiplied by your original bet. The wild Neptune symbol cannot substitute a Treasure Bonus symbol.  Although the Treasure Bonus can be won during the Free Bonus Round, the payouts are not tripled.

In conclusion, Mermaid Millions is a very fun 5-reel video slots game with numerous ways to win large payouts.  The biggest wins come from the free spin bonus rounds where payouts are multiplied by 3, however the treasure bonus and regular payouts can still pay out large amounts up to 200:1 for 3 symbols.