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Royal Derby is an arcade, fixed odds betting game which allows you to stake money on a choice of 6 different horses per race.

The good thing about the mobile Royal Derby arcade game is that it’s a fixed odd game as opposed to just gambling.  This means that the odds have been carefully calculated by the servers to represent the true odds of each horse winning a race.

You can choose from a selection of 6 different horses which are randomly drawn from a sample of thousands of horses and hundreds of jockeys for each race.  The odds for each horse are available in the betting section. You can then bet on that horse winning either “To Win” or “Each Way”.  Depending on the result of the race you will win or lose your money.

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How to Play Royal Derby

The aim of the game is to correctly predict the winning horse for each race.  At the beginning the screen will show 6 different horses to bet on.  Each horse has its own jockey and odds, in addition to information how it faired in the last 5 races (including position, going and jockey name).  You should then use all of this information to make a calculated decision on which horse will win the next race.

Each horse has its odds given in front of you.  For example, when I click on the horse “Tim Come Home” it shows 7:1 odds of winning.  In order to place a bet, you need to choose your Stake Size and then whether you want to bet To Win or Each Way.  “To Win” means that you will get paid if you horse wins and you’ll lose if your horse doesn’t win.  Betting “Each Way” doubles the size of your wager, with half going on the horse to win and half going on the horse to come 1st or 2nd which pays ¼ of the odds.  If your horse wins then you will win both parts of the bet, and if you horse comes 2nd then you will just win the place part of the bet.

In terms of fairness, whenever you bet on a horse the server will use the attributes of the horse, jockey, previous results and an element of randomness to decide he result of the race.  When you click Race, you will actually get to watch the race taking place live until the finish line (photo finish as proof of winner).  You will then either lose or win depending on which horse you bet on.  The Royal Derby mobile game also has a free demo version with 1 million credits in order to help give you some practice.

The payouts of the horses are rounded down to 2 decimal places.  For example, if the Horse “Santas Helper” has true odds of 6.6743 of winning then you’ll receive odds of 6.67.

Overall, the Royal Derby game is quite a lot of fun for horse racing enthusiasts, although I’d probably recommend downloading the Betfair iPhone App or Bet365 iPhone Sports App where you can actually bet on real life horse races such as the Grand National.